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The Journal of the Girl Scout, Marta Pajakówna, from 1914

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Marta Śnieżyńska née Pająk (1900-1977) joined the 10th Scout Squad at the Adam Mickiewicz Department School in Cracow at the age of fourteen. Her journal is a grey notebook decorated with hand drawn illustrations, which has been donated to the Jagiellonian Library by the daughter of the author. It encompasses the period from 16th November to 5th May 1915. The fourteen-year-old Marta remained with her parents in the Cracow Fortress and, like many inhabitants of Cracow, she wandered about the city, watching, and subsequently describing the “theatre of war”, that is, the marches of the Austro-Hungarian and Prussian armies, of Russian war captives, and also of Poles from the Russian and Prussian partitions. She described the uniforms of the soldiers, their typical physical characteristics, and the military camps in the Main Market Square. From Salwator she watched signs of clashes between the armed forces and military aeroplanes appearing in the sky, she also mentioned the forts of Cracow and the end of the siege ofthe Cracow Fortress on 18th December 1915. The journal ends with a description of the celebrations of 3rd May.

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10th Scout Squad ; Cracow Fortress ; Fort Krzesławice ; marking historic buildings ; aeroplane ; Association for Public Schools ; Supreme National Committee

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