The Prussian Library Collection

Objects from the collections of the former Prussian State Library in Berlin stored in the Jagiellonian Library


Collections: 21

American manuscripts

A collection of autographs

Roman manuscripts

German manuscripts

Spanish and Portugese manuscripts

Italian manuscripts

Latin manuscripts

Chinese prints and manuscripts

Legacy of Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)

Legacy of Gustaw Freytag (1816-1895)

Legacy of August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874)

Legacy of Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835)

The Eugen Pander Collection - a collection of Tibetan manuscripts

Rhaeto-Romance manuscripts

Slavic manuscripts

Aloys Sprenger collection

Latin theological manuscripts

Collection of Charles August Varnhagen von Ense (1785-1858)

Collection of Johann Gottfried Wetzstein

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